Baby food

Our wide variety of modified starches, hydrocolloids and additives allow us to be the best option for the preparation of baby foods and baby preparations.

Baby Food

Liquid and powdered drinks

We have the best collection on the market in liquid and powder flavors, FD&C colors, preservatives, acidulants, sweeteners, fructose, clouding, emulsions and flavor concentrates for the preparation of soft drinks and liquid and powdered drinks.

Bebidas liquidas y en polvo

Meat and sausages

Wide range of products and additives for the elaboration of meat products and sausages.




We offer different types of modified starches, antioxidants, soy lecithin, glucose, fructose, sweeteners, phosphates, powdered flavors, hydrocolloids, cocoa, malt, FD&C dyes.


Confectionery and chocolate

We offer a wide variety of raw materials for confectionery and chocolate such as: sweeteners, glucose, fructose, emulsifiers, acidulants, antioxidants, FD&C dyes, liquid and powder flavors, roasted flavors, special vanilla, among others.



Everything for canning: hydrocolloids, modified starches, carrageenans, pectins, sweeteners, stabilizer for jams, flavors, colors, preservatives, among others.



We offer a wide variety of flavors, glass sugar, preservatives, powdered fat, egg powder, cocoa, release agents, soy lecithin, emulsifiers, chocolate chips, raisins, anicillos, granillos, decorative figures, among others.


Fats and oils

Variety of natural and artificial antioxidants.

Grasas y aceites

Flour and pasta


Flour improvers, egg powder, hydrocolloids, antioxidants, phosphates, soy lecithin, preservatives, colors, among others.

Harinas y pastas

Hotels and restaurants

We have elaborated and semi-finished products for this market segment.

Hoteles y restaurantes