Sales Channels


We have more than 65 points of sale in the Central American region. In order to meet the needs of all our customers, we offer products from 1 OZ and ½ KG, up to the amount they need. Being closer to our customers is one of our main objectives.


Executive team that via telephone, with a structured work scheme, attends, advises and schedules orders. Our commitment is to deliver, in a period of 24 hours, the product either in the company or the client's home. With this channel we intend to support medium-sized companies with high growth potential.

Corporate Sale

We have a department segmented by application, formed by a team of professionals in each country, who visit corporate clients. Providing personalized and strategic advice with the support of our Research and Development department.


24 hour delivery

We guarantee the delivery of our products in 24 hours. Keeping stock in each country of the Central American region, always fulfilling our customers. We are your strategic allies!

Technical Advice

We provide technical advice to our clients and support them to develop the products of their interest. We help you to start your ideas!

Other services

We hope to always offer the best service and product to our customers. Work with us and live the experience yourself.

Social Responsability

We care so much for the environment, as for society and our surrounding communities. That is why we work hard on recycling issues, training for people in need, and internal activities. Looking to be an exemplary company and add value to society.

Workshops and Training

We offer workshops and training to our customers throughout the region, to teach them how to use our products. We provide different alternatives to start your own business. Our main objective: SUCCESSFUL CUSTOMERS.

Investigation and Development

Department composed of highly trained chemical engineers, responsible for the study and realization of products to always have the best options. They provide professional advice and personalized formulation to each client according to their needs. Visiting companies in order to support product development.

Personalized Attention

We have a trained team to visit our customers, we seek to offer innovative products of high quality and at the best market price. We care about developing functional projects and forming long-term relationships with our clients.